24 thoughts on “Kadal Pura-3

  1. Dear Mr. Subramani,

    Thanks a lot for your great work. First and second part of Kadalpura is excellent. Is it possible for you scan the third part also similarly? Thanks.

  2. Hi…Mr. Krishna…….

    Third part also there….by clicking the link in the name “……………………………Sandilyan_-Kadal_Pura__3” …that file will be downloaded…..

    and Thanks a lot for your comments to this blog….

  3. Dear Mr. Subramani,

    Thanks for your reply. I downloaded 3rd part also. My request is it is possible to have a similar quality of scan like 1st and 2nd parts?

    Thanks once again for the great posts.

    With regards,

    Vijaya Krishna

  4. Hi Siva sir,
    i couldnt able to find the first 25 pages of the novel which i downloaded from the link you provided, can you please help me regarding this issue.

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